That is the interior tale of an island that has grow to be unsightly because of its ‘intercourse spot’

Kathmandu: Tourism sector is the backbone of the economy for most of the countries. The more foreign tourists a country can attract, the more foreign exchange it can earn. Not only benefits from the tourism sector, it also has a negative impact. For example, world famous destinations are at risk every day due to increasing tourist activity. Some places have lost their originality due to tourist crowds. A vivid example of this is an island in Europe. Europe’s reservations and coastline have become ugly as tourists have become sex offenders.

The Dunas de Maspalomas reserve on the Spanish island of Gran Canaria is being destroyed by tourists. The area, famous for its sand dunes, has been protected since 1982. Until a few years ago, large numbers of birds migrated from Africa and Europe.

According to a study published in the Journal of Environmental Management, sexual activity is responsible for polluting the island’s coastline. Researchers found 298 “sex spots” around the coast. Most sex spots were found in bushes and vegetation.

Sex spot inside the sand
Rare flora and fauna has been destroyed due to increasing tourist activity. Tourists had made a temporary fence of bushes to hide. The site has become foul-smelling due to churot, condom, twill paper, wipes and cans. They have even used sand piles as toilets. Researchers have identified a place for tourists to visit.

Researchers found trash at most sex spots. Garbage bags kept inside the reservation area were full. A total of 56 sex spots were found in the restricted area. Due to the activities of tourists, environmental education could not be implemented in the reservation area. The reservation was initially set up to provide environmentally friendly education.

According to Patrick Hesp, author of the research team, a lizard died after eating condoms left by tourists entering the reservation area to have fun.

Gran Canaria is a gay-friendly tourist destination with 14 million tourists each year. Most of the tourists from USA, UK and Germany visit there. Lots of coastal sand is an indispensable part of the coast. However, the area has been used to attract tourists from all over the world. Experts say increasing tourist activity will have disastrous consequences. He says the destruction is largely linked to the outcome of tourism development.

“We do not call for the closure of public places used for sex,” writes researcher Hesp. But we want the public to pay attention to the damage it can do. ‘ “It’s normal for a couple to have sex in that area,” the research paper said. But hundreds of people going to the same area for the same purpose is environmentally harmful. ‘


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