The 2 Eu groups to play within the International Cup might be made up our minds these days

Agency, 29 October. From tonight’s competition, two more teams will be decided to be directly selected from Europe in the World Cup to be held in Qatar. Today, the top team from Group C and I will be decided.

Out of the 13 teams selected from the European region, 10 teams will be selected directly. 3 teams will be selected from the next play-off process. So far, 7 teams have been decided.

Italy and Switzerland will be selected in the World Cup tonight from Group C. Both teams have the same 15 points. Italy is in a strong position due to goal difference. Italy will play Northern Ireland while Switzerland will play Bulgaria.

England are in a strong position in Group I. Even if he loses, Poland can only beat Hungary by more goals. England are playing a weaker team against San Marino. Therefore, the possibility of his choice is strong.


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