The Leader Minister demanded the resignation of Minister Yadav to incorporate the CPN (Maoist) within the govt

Janakpurdham: State 2 Chief Minister Lal Babu Raut is preparing to reorganize the Council of Ministers to include the CPN-Unified Socialists in the government.

According to sources, Chief Minister Raut called Yadav to his residence on Sunday before leaving for Kathmandu and asked him to resign from the ministry and help the government. If Minister Yadav resigns, the Unified Socialist Party, led by parliamentary party leader Sathrudhan Mahato, will join the state government.

The Socialists will get two ministries. The Socialists will get the Ministry of Industry, Tourism, Forest and Environment and the Ministry of Law, Justice and Provincial Assembly Affairs. Central member of the Samajwadi Party, Shri Prasad Sah, said that the names of Mahato, the party leader in charge of the Ministry of Industry, Tourism, Forest and Environment and Bechi Lungeli of Sarlahi in another ministry were being discussed.

Chief Minister Raut was trying to get the CPN (Socialist) to join the government by giving two vacant ministries, the Ministry of Law and State Affairs and the Ministry of Commerce and Supplies. However, the expansion of the government was halted after the Socialists insisted on leaving only if they were given a vital ministry. At present, only the Nepali Congress and the Maoist Center are participating in the state government under the leadership of Jaspa.

Minister Yadav has expressed dissatisfaction after Chief Minister Raut demanded his resignation. Minister Yadav said that the government including the Chief Minister should be reorganized to complete the party alliance. “Even though the chief minister has the right to demand the resignation of the minister, the decision to resign should be taken by the party’s statutory committee as the chief minister is also made by the party,” Yadav said.


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