The Press Council asked a grant

October 29, Kathmandu. Press Council Nepal has called for applications for grants to media and journalists in various fields.

As per the program approved in the budget of the Fiscal Year 2078/79 of the Media Development Fund, council information has been issued for the grant.

It is mentioned in the notice to apply to the office of the council within 35 days after fulfilling the condition specified for the grant.

Based on the request, the council will provide 40 percent for one / one laptop purchase in 20 districts, 30 to 40 percent for one / one camera purchase in five districts, two grants for installation of press, two radios and two / two people from each province for internet connection.

Similarly, the council has stated that 21 journalists will be provided scholarships at the rate of 3 from each province and 7 people will be provided grants for writing research papers at the postgraduate level.

A journalist from a media outlet will be able to apply for assistance only for one facility while the media house will also be able to apply for only one facility.

The council said it would give priority to remote, local and previously underserved journalists and media outlets.


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