Those are the 7 groups decided on for the Global Cup from Europe

Agency, 29 October. Ten teams from Europe have been selected for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Out of 13 teams from Europe, 10 teams have secured places by winning the group.

Now the group runners-up will have to play a play-off for the remaining 3 places. Including Ronaldo’s Portugal.

There have been no surprising results in Europe’s World Cup qualifiers. European football superpowers like Germany, France and Spain have been selected.

Serbia beat Portugal in Group A to secure a trip to Qatar. Portugal will now play the play-offs.

Group B Spain beat Sweden to qualify for World Cup Now Sweden will have to play a play-off.

In Group C, Italy and Switzerland are tied on 15 points. Both teams will be selected directly from the final game or play-offs will be decided.

In Group D, France has been selected with one game left with 15 points. In this group, Finland and Ukraine will be selected for a play-off.

Belgium are top of Group E with 19 points and Qatar have qualified for the World Cup. Now one of Wales and the Czech Republic will be selected in the play-offs.

Denmark has been selected in Group F. Scotland will have to play a play-off.

The Netherlands have a strong chance in Group G. However, Turkey and Norway are also in competition. A win or draw in the final game will determine the Netherlands. The Netherlands will be eliminated if Turkey and Norway win.

In Group H, Croatia beat Russia in the final to qualify for the World Cup. Even if Russia only drew, there would be a choice. Russia, the runners-up in this group, will play in the play-offs.

From Group I, England and Poland will be directly selected in the World Cup and a team will go to the play-offs. However, with a 3-point lead and a 6-goal lead, it looks almost certain that England will be selected.

Germany has been selected in Group J. North Macedonia has been selected for the play-offs in the group.Photo Source: FIFA


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