When junior AIG turns into police leader, excessive officers get indignant

Inspector General of Police Chhetri (left), AIGs Hari Bahadur Pal and Niraj Bahadur Shahi (right).

October 29, Kathmandu. Senior police officials have become dissatisfied after Inspector General of Nepal Police Shailesh Thapa Chhetri gave the responsibility of acting police chief to the fourth-ranked Additional Inspector General of Police (AIG) during his visit to India.

While Inspector General Chhetri was on a visit to India on Thursday, second-ranked AIG Hari Bahadur Pal and third-ranked Niraj Bahadur Shahi were replaced by fourth-ranked AIG Pradyumna Karki.

A senior Naxal official at the police headquarters told Online Khabar that Pal and the royal IGP were angry with Chhetri after the IGP handed over the charge to Karki.

Chhetri had given the responsibility to the fourth-ranked Karki while AIG Pal and Shahi were on leave. Pal is the head of the Metropolitan Police Office, Ranipokhari and the head of the Royal National Police Training Institute. Karki, who has become the acting police chief, is the head of the crime investigation department at the police headquarters.

Generally, in the absence of the IGP, it is customary to give the responsibility of acting police chief to the second-ranked officer. When Sarvendra Khanal was the Inspector General, even though he had serious bitterness with the second-ranked AIG Pushkar Karki, he had given the responsibility to Karki.

However, after the IGP Chhetri gave the responsibility of acting police chief to the fourth-ranked officer, he has differences with the AIGs who are also his batch.

IGP Chhetri and AIG Karki are going to Turkey to participate in the Interpol program to be held in Turkey from 7-9 December. “In this regard, it was seen that the responsibility of acting chief was given to Vishwaraj Pokharel of the junior batch at that time,” complains a high-ranking official.

However, a senior official of the IGP’s secretariat said that Karki was assigned to the police headquarters as per the custom of giving responsibility to the senior.

Before becoming Inspector General, Chhetri and Pal used the same vehicle It doesn’t matter if you are an IGP or not Messages were given. From the very beginning under the leadership of the police, Chhetri used to make every decision of the organization through collective discussion.

But in the latter part of his term, his relationship with the batches has deteriorated. On Friday, AIG Karki, in his capacity as the Acting Chief of Police, directed the Deputy Superintendents of Police (DSPs) to be transferred to their respective posts. Only one junior AIG Bishwaraj Pokharel and Sahakul Thapa participated in the program.

There is always bitterness between the Inspector General and the rival AIG

As soon as an officer is appointed in the Inspector General of Police, there is always bitterness with the nearest competitor. This time it was believed that there would be good relations between IGP Chhetri and Pal. But now the bitterness between the two is beginning to be seen in public.

Even when Sarvendra Khanal was the IGP, he never had a good relationship with the second-ranked AIG Pushkar Karki. As soon as Sarvendra Khanal became the IGP, another rival Ramesh Kharel resigned. Before Khanal, when Prakash Aryal was the IGP, the police had to deal with the most notoriety.

After the government promoted Jaya Bahadur Chand to the post of IGP, his rival Nawaraj Silval filed a case in the court. The government then handed over the leadership to third-ranked Aryal. Silval had again filed a writ petition in the Supreme Court alleging injustice against him. But as soon as the court dismissed him, Silval resigned.

Before that, Rajendra Singh Bhandari did not even visit the Police Headquarters under Upendra Kant Aryal. He spent the rest of his term on the National Security Council.


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