Who will get the literary identification card given via Pragya Pratishthan?

October 29, Kathmandu. Nepal Pragya Pratisthan on Sunday handed over ‘Writer-Literary Identity Card’ to cultural expert Satya Mohan Joshi, writer Bairagi Kainla and others from Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba.

This is the first time that the foundation has started distributing identity cards to writers across the country by formulating working procedures and giving government recognition.

Progressive writers, on the other hand, have protested against the introduction of identity cards from the hand of power. Writer Khagendra Sangraula has given an identity card to the writer from the hands of the government, saying that Pragya has satirized the writer’s consciousness.

Sangraula has written, ‘Look! Authors have started distributing identity cards from the hands of the rulers. He will die in June once, not as a writer of power. ‘

Writer Rajendra Maharjan has responded that the identity of the author given by the government is never acceptable. “This is a disrespect to the author’s identity,” Maharjan said. It also works to show who the author is close to the authorities. ‘

Literary writer Rajan Mukharung also says that no one will be a writer if the state gives him an identity card. According to Mukharung, it is the readers, the people and the community that make a person a writer.

‘There was a tradition in the past to get the award by filling the application form. It is a mockery of creativity to try to give a writer’s identity card by learning the same style, ‘said Mukharung.

Who gets ‘Writer Literary Identity Card’?

According to Jagat Prasad Upadhyaya, member secretary of Nepal Pragya Pratisthan, the work of formulating the procedure for distribution of literary identity cards had started from 2075 BS. At that time, it was said that identity cards would be given to the writers separately, but in doing so, it was decided to distribute the same identity cards to all.

“We have now made the Nepal Pragya Pratisthan Writer’s Literary Identity Card Procedure 2077,” he said.

Provision has been made to take it only after the author has filled in his details and submitted the application. Although there is an arrangement to fill the form online now, after filling the form, the recommendation committee should make a recommendation to the patriarch. Only after this is the identity card signed by the patriarch of Nepal Pragya Pratisthan received.

Name-surname, citizenship number, district, date of birth, subject area and genre of the writer will be revealed in the identity card.

An ‘Identity Card Recommendation Committee’ has been formed for the identity card under the coordination of the member secretary of Nepal Pragya Pratisthan. At present, Jagat Prasad Upadhyaya is the coordinator of the identity card recommendation committee. The identity card is issued only after the committee recommends the author to the patriarch.

Although Pragya Pratishthan has said that it is possible to fill the form for the identity card online, there is no provision to fill the form in the existing website to create a new website.

Literary writers who have held various government posts have welcomed Pragya’s work. On Sunday, Vairagi Kainla, former vice-chancellor of Pragya Pratisthan, responded that he had done useful work by distributing identity cards to writers. Similarly, Vice Chancellor of Nepal Academy of Music and Drama Narayan Bhakta Shrestha ‘Ryan’ and Vice Chancellor of Nepal Academy of Fine Arts KK Karmacharya have expressed their best wishes.


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