Within the ultimate case, the heroine from the film ‘Satyam’, ‘Out’, worship ‘In’, for this reason

Kathmandu. Actress and model Malika Mahat has come out from the movie ‘Satyam’. She will be replaced by Upasana Singh Thakuri. She will be seen in the film as Pal Shah’s partner. Rajesh Hamal will play the lead role in this film.

Producer Resham Sapkota has said that Malika dropped out of the film because of her studies. “Malika is studying BBA. He was supposed to study online till the time of conducting the film workshop, but he could not give time as the physical class of the college would be held earlier than expected, ”Sapkota clarified.

According to director Shankar Karki, Upasana was first offered for ‘Satyam’ but she could not give time as the filming date of the next film has been decided. .

Upasana will be sharing the screen with Rajesh Hamal and Pal Shah for the first time in the film, according to a statement issued by the production team. Producer Sapkota said that Nilima Chand will be acting as Rajesh’s partner and actress Niruta Singh is also in talks to act in the film.

The film also stars Anup Vikram Shahi and Abhay Baral in the lead roles. Hamal will have four different looks in the movie. Hamal is about to make a comeback after four years from this movie.


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