Worship ‘access’ once more in film ‘Satyam’

October 29, Kathmandu.

Upasana Singh Thakuri has re-entered after the actress’ Malika Mahat left the movie ‘Satyam’.

Upasana Singh Thakuri was initially cast in the film. However, Upasana quit her studies saying that she would not work in the film.

When worship failed, Malika decided to work. However, Malika, who participated in the workshop, later decided to leave the film, citing study reasons.

After the release of Malika, the production team has again persuaded the actress Upasana to work in the film. Director Shankar Karki has informed that filming of the movie will start soon.

This film will be produced by Resham Sapkota. The film stars Rajesh Hamal, Anup Vikram Shahi, Upasana Singh Thakuri, Pal Shah and Neelam Chand among others.


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