29,000 new robots employed in 9 months

October 30, Kathmandu. American companies, which are facing a shortage of enough workers in factories, have hired a record number of robots.

US factories and other industrial users have placed orders for 29,000 robots in the last nine months

According to the Association for the Advancement, this number is 37 percent higher than the same period last year. The report states that 29,000 robots are valued at अर्ब 1.48 billion.

In recent times, the need for increased production has led to an increase in the number of American companies employing automated robots in factories to meet the labor shortage.

The use of robots as an alternative has increased at a time when companies are unable to re-employ workers who have lost their jobs in the epidemic, amid increased investment in companies that came into full operation after the epidemic.

Jeff Bernstein, president of the Association for Advanced Automation, says companies can’t get the manpower they need. So they are running on automation.

Earlier, automobile companies were the largest buyers of industrial robots, but the total number of robots purchased in other business sectors since 2020 has lagged behind the automobile sector.

In the first nine months of 2021, the demand for robots in the automobile sector increased by 20 percent to 12,544 units, while the demand for robots in other sectors increased by 53 percent to 16,355 units, the report said. From CNN


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