An initiative was once taken to regulate the rise in highway injuries in Makwanpur

October 30, Birgunj. Two persons were killed when a bus hit them while they were playing deus ex machina at a house on the side of the road at Hetauda-19 Bastipur of Makwanpur on the East-West Highway. Five people were injured in the accident and two motorcycles were also damaged.

The mob set the bus on fire. The driver injured his left knee when the locals attacked the fire engine of Hetauda Sub-metropolis. Locals also attacked the police trying to stop the group. Deputy Superintendent of Police Jayeshwar Rimal was injured in the attack. Police fired tear gas to control the situation.

The road blocked by the locals was reopened only at 12:40 pm. Police have arrested Sunil Thakuri, 32, of Hetauda-19 on the charge of blocking the road by throwing stones at the police. It is mentioned in the police records that three more persons were injured in the accident on November 7 and reached Churehill Hospital for treatment.

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Another accident took place at Hetauda-11 Nawalpur under the East-West Highway on November 8 at 12:30 pm. The deceased have been identified as Sobhit Sahani, 24, of Arauhi Gaonpalika-3, Dhanusha and Saroj Pariyar, 34, of Chandragiri Nagarpalika-2, Kathmandu. Done. Pariyar was the bus driver. 18 people were injured.

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According to Chief Traffic Police Inspector Prakash Pandey of District Traffic Police Office, Makwanpur, most of the accidents are due to human negligence. According to the police, accidents are caused due to poor maintenance of the road, driver not getting enough rest, driving at high speed, not following traffic rules, driving under the influence of alcohol, carrying more passengers than the seat capacity and mechanical malfunction.

According to Pandey, the road department itself is responsible for the accident. “We have found that the accident took place due to the negligence of the road department,” he said. At night, the driver of the vehicle without seeing the uncontrolled accident.

Situation of road accident in Makwanpur

Fiscal year Car accident Man’s death Seriously injured Seriously injured
2074/075 68 58 35 35
2075/076 109 53 96 96
2076/077 120 69 94 94
2077/078 250 60 174 174
2078/079 till now 96 19 56 56
Source: District Traffic Police Office, Makwanpur

Six persons have lost their lives in a road accident at different places of Makwanpur after Tihar due to various reasons. According to the District Traffic Police Office, Makwanpur, 19 people have been killed so far in the current fiscal year.

The District Administration Office, Makwanpur has taken initiative to stop the increase in road accidents. Chief District Officer Bharatmani Pandey has decided to convene a joint meeting of stakeholders on November 9 to implement time card, arrange road furniture, check whether the driver has measured or consumed drugs, and operate the auto / Eriksa in a systematic manner.

Time card in buffalo-bhimfendi-kulekhani section

The Bhanse-Bhimphedi-Kulekhani-Fakhel / Sisneri road section has heavy traffic. There is an uphill road to Gadhi Deurali and a downhill road to Kulekhani. There are more twists and turns. Not only Tata-Sumo, local buses but also private vehicles ply on the paved road. Hundreds of Tatasumos leave for Kathmandu from various places including Birgunj, Hetauda, ​​Kalaiya and Chapur. Thursday’s meeting has decided to implement time card in the case of sumo.

According to the District Administration Office, Makwanpur, the Transportation Management Office, Hetauda and the District Traffic Police Office, Makwanpur have decided to fix the time by coordinating with the necessary time. Pandey believes that this will limit the speed of the vehicle.

Local bus service from Hetauda to Kulekhani and Chitlang has been increasing. Due to limited means of transportation, people are forced to travel by coach in the same bus. However, the police have been fining the passengers for carrying more passengers than their capacity. This is not done if you have to manage passengers in another vehicle after paying the fine. According to the locals, no action has been taken against Hetauda-Bhimfedi.

Measured or not checked

The District Traffic Police Office, Makwanpur has also decided to carry out regular alcohol checks on a regular basis. According to Prajia Pandey, preparations have been started to check whether he has taken drugs or not. Transport businessmen have agreed to provide anti-drug kits to the District Police Office, Makwanpur.

The Hetauda Sub-Metropolitan Municipality, Municipal Executive Office, Hetauda, ​​Road Division Office, Old Narayani Transport and New Narayani Transport Company will provide the necessary equipment to the District Traffic Police Office.

Furniture on the road, 2 drivers for long distance is mandatory

The meeting also decided to install infrastructures including street lights, traffic signs and signs in the areas prone to road accidents as soon as possible. It is believed that such signs will help in reducing accidents.

The traffic police has been given the responsibility of installing ‘road furniture’ in coordination with the Road Division Office, Makwanpur and local levels. “The road division has a budget of Rs 4 million for road furniture,” said Prajia Pandey.

The meeting also directed the transport operators concerned to make it mandatory to have two drivers in long distance vehicles. Traffic will regularly monitor whether the transport company has hired two drivers or not. Drivers and co-drivers are asked to participate in road awareness and accident reduction programs at least once every three months.

Study for e-rickshaw and auto management

Preparations have been made to operate e-rickshaws and autos in the Hetauda market area only from the access roads without entering the main highways and roads. A six-member sub-committee has been formed to study how to manage it.

A sub-committee formed under the coordination of Gunaraj Prasad Neupane, Administrative Officer, District Administration Office, Makwanpur, will study and submit a report within 15 days. According to the District Administration Office, efforts have been made to manage the overcrowding in the market area due to e-rickshaws and autos.


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