Appearing pretend gold, looting authentic

October 30, Gorkha. Some people are following a 40-year-old woman of Bhimsen Thapa village who came to Gorkha Bazaar with the intention of looting. As they approached the Haramtari, a man dropped a pile of yellow metal that looked like gold on the ground as the woman could see it, but pretended not to have fallen and left.

The woman hastily picks up the gold. That activity is being watched by another member of the looting gang and he starts following the woman. After reaching some distance, he starts bargaining saying, “I know the man who dropped the gold. Give me some of it or I’ll tell him.”

They go a little beyond the crowd and bargain for money. The woman gives him a piece of gold jewelry and takes it home, thinking it is fake gold. After a few days, he finally finds out that the gold found is fake.

The same gang is following another 63-year-old woman of Gorkha Municipality who was coming to the market on January 29, 2008. As in the first case, a pile of yellow metal, which looks like gold, falls off, and the woman picks it up. And another person comes and bargains like that. Then the woman returns home with a gold ring equal to one tola. After a few days, he finds out that the gold is fake.

It has been found that the gang, which was trying to loot the real gold by showing fake gold, has cheated not only them but also other people in the district. Two other women from Gorkha Municipality and Barpak Sulikot Municipality are also victims.

According to the police, the group has taken money from some people by bargaining and gold jewelery from others. “A group of four or five people are coming to carry out the looting,” said DSP Prakash Dahal of the District Police Office.

According to the police, considering the incident in the district, it is seen that looting has taken place targeting middle-aged women. “Banks and financial institutions have been found to be following people around, withdrawing money from banks or wearing jewelery and looting in the same manner,” he said.

Some of the victims have even filed a complaint. “After learning about the incident, we lost the CCTV footage but could not be identified as they were wearing masks and covering their faces,” said DSP Dahal.

While searching for the swindling gang, the police managed to arrest two persons. Police arrested them from Tanahu’s Beas Municipality Ward No. 3 with the help of locals while they were cheating. The arrested are Shamser Sunar, 37, of Gumdi-6 of Dhading district and Prem Tamang, 44, of Sethung-2 Barang of the same district.

During the statement, the police said that they have also admitted that they were involved in the incident in Gorkha. A case has been registered against them under the heading of forcible theft and necessary action is being taken against them.

However, the police have urged to remain vigilant as there are still gangs involved in cheating. Police have urged to be vigilant in the area where financial transactions take place and not to fall into the temptation of anyone. “You didn’t mix with strangers, you didn’t believe them,” says DSP Dahal. He also urged the people to be vigilant as anyone could be a victim of such scams.


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