China warns US towards repeated fires

Beijing, October 30 Chinese President Xi Jinping has repeatedly warned the United States not to engage in fire. According to Chinese media, President Xi Jinping made the warning during his first video conference with US President Joe Biden.

The Chinese president has issued another warning after US President Joe Biden warned against interfering in Taiwan’s peace process. The Biden-C virtual meeting, which began in a cordial atmosphere, became tense after entering the Taiwan issue.

Stating that the United States is committed to the one-China policy, Biden warned President Xi not to interfere in Taiwan. “The United States has strongly opposed any activity that could disrupt peace and stability in Taiwan,” the White House said in a statement.

One China policy is the cornerstone of Sino-US relations. Adhering to this policy, the United States has maintained diplomatic relations with China. China views Taiwan as an integral part of its territory.

However, Taiwan has always considered itself an independent nation. Despite this, the United States is committed to the Taiwan Relations Act, which states that the United States will defend Taiwan at any time in the event of an attack. Just last year, Biden said the United States would retaliate if China attacked Taiwan.Photo: Agency


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