Deuba informed Poudel: Even after 4 hours of debate, it’s not convincing

October 30, Kathmandu. The first meeting of the five-party coordination committee of the ruling coalition was held on Tuesday. The meeting was attended by top leaders of all the five parties including Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba.

While the members of the meeting raised the issue of stalemate in the Supreme Court, the top leaders remained silent. Prime Minister Deuba said that now is not the time for the political leadership to speak on the issue of the court. However, after some leaders said that the issue should be resolved, Deuba urged them not to use harsh language.

“Initially, the prime minister told us not to talk about the court,” said one of the leaders who attended the meeting.

The ruling coalition, which broke its silence in the third week of the agitation in the court, has expressed its views on the ongoing agitation at the apex in the second point of the two-point statement. “We have been paying serious attention to the problems and stalemate in the Supreme Court for some time now. We are of the view that there should be an exit as soon as possible to uphold the independence, dignity, credibility and cleanliness of the judiciary which is an important part of the state and we hope that all concerned will take initiative to expedite it. “

After the agreement was reached to issue a statement on the court, Poudel, the coordinator of the coordination committee, tried to present an additional agenda saying that the government should do everything in a concrete manner and be unanimous in national politics.

However, Prime Minister and Nepali Congress President Deuba has said that he is not ready to talk before the party’s general convention. “Don’t bother me before the general convention. Even if I waste time discussing for three or four hours, I am not convinced by your words, Ram Chandraji.”


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