Dhurmus claims that he has no hand within the building of the stadium and urges the federal government to take possession

Kul Prasad Kafle / Chitwan: The Gautam Buddha International Cricket Stadium under construction in Rampur of Chitwan is in debt. Work on the stadium, which is being constructed by the Dhurmus Suntali Foundation by raising financial support from the people, has been stalled for four months.

Sitaram Kattel Dhurmus, chairman of the foundation, said that more than Rs 170 million has been borrowed for the construction of the stadium at a cost of Rs 3 billion. More than Rs 540 million has been spent on the construction of the stadium. He has also urged the government to take ownership and guardianship of the stadium.

Announcing the 14-minute-second video from the official Facebook page of Dhurmus Suntali Foundation, Dhurmus said that the government should take ownership even if it is for the victory of the country. He said that the whole country would be defeated if the day came when they would be distracted due to such situation.

A stadium with a capacity of 30,000 has been built to accommodate 3,000 spectators. The ground is also ready. The pitch remains to be built. The work of the cricket stadium was in full swing even during the Corona epidemic. ‘You’ve got a lot of different companies and personalities providing construction materials. How many companies have reached the point of closure? Their telephones keep ringing. You keep texting, when? I don’t even have the answer when? ‘, He said emotionally.

He said that they are ready to play a supportive role even if the construction is done under the leadership of the government. He urged the three-tier government to take charge of the project. Recalling that the stadium construction campaign was continued without any rest even during epidemics and festivals, he said that the social work was started with the love and affection of the spectators. He said that they were only the medium of the stadium construction project.

“We have moved forward with the courage and fortitude that the stadium should be built in any way, facing every difficult situation. But, ironically, the stadium construction campaign has been stalled for the past four months, ”he said.

He said that as much as possible measures were taken for the construction of the project announced in the presence of the government but little assistance and much assurance and betrayal was received. “We have been requesting the government to take custody from the very beginning,” he said. We reached everyone’s door again and again. We have written to all 753 governments at Singha Durbar. Have requested Where we have not reached, it will hardly be less. ‘

He said that they have been vigilant from the very beginning to prevent financial irregularities. The foundation is preparing to make public the audit report by mid-July in a few days. At the same time, suffering and pain are also in the mood to be made public, Dhurmus. He said that every criticism and comment will be answered.

“Once again, Nepal will get a 30,000 capacity international standard arena for the first time in the history of the country in the next six months to a year,” he said. He said that the government should appreciate the sentiments of more than 40,000 people who have already contributed for the stadium.


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