England and Switzerland qualify for Qatar Global Cup, Italy in playoffs

Agency, October 30. England and Switzerland have been selected for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. England’s World Cup selection was almost certain. He secured a trip to Qatar with a 100-run victory over San Marino.

Cannes alone scored four goals for England. England dominated the game for the entire period.

Group Border Italy became the unfortunate team. Italy, who missed a last-minute penalty to win the previous game against Switzerland, were also pushed against Northern Ireland last night. He had to rely on the play-offs to stop a goalless draw with Ireland.

Nine teams from Europe have been selected. The remaining team to be directly selected as the group winner will be decided today. The other three teams have to play a play-off.

Tonight in Group G, teams from the Netherlands, Turkey and Norway will be selected and play-offs will be decided. If the Netherlands wins against Norway, there will be a direct selection. In case of a draw, Turkey will have to wait for the result with Montenegro. If Norway beats the Netherlands, there will be a choice. If Turkey wins, it looks like a choice or a play-off.


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