Judges fireplace with Nepal Bar officers, now the solution isn’t to extend the obstruction an excessive amount of

Kathmandu, 30 Kartik. Discussions between the judges of the Supreme Court, Nepal Bar and the officials of the Supreme Court Bar Association have ended without any conclusion. During the two-hour long discussion in the annex hall of the Supreme Court, the judges have expressed the view that the obstruction of service flow cannot be prolonged much. In today’s discussion, most of the judges were fired by the bar officials. He was adamant that justice should not always be held hostage in this way.

Bar officials, however, said that the resignation of Chief Justice Cholendra Shamsher Jabra was the bottom line. During the discussion, the judges said that the current situation was due to Chief Justice Rana and it was irresponsible to resolve it but the obstruction of service flow should not be prolonged. However, he did not give a clear answer as to whether he would return to the session or not.

Thirteen judges were present at the discussion with the bar officials. Some judges, on the other hand, have been absent from the deliberations to look into the matter. After discussions with bar officials, the judges engaged in internal discussions. According to high-level sources, most of the judges are now in favor of resuming the session.

Most of the judges are of the view that there is wrong intention behind the movement as the senior judges are standing against the Chief Justice Jabra Golapratha. Today, six judges have heard the case and decided on various issues. It is understood that the Supreme Court will proceed with the regular process from tomorrow and all kinds of cases will be heard. Senior advocates have said that there is no justification for the movement and are preparing to participate in the debate / lobbying from tomorrow. file photo


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