Management is probably not passed over to those that are not able to paintings even supposing given an opportunity: Chief Singh

Pokhara, 30 October. Influential Nepali Congress leader Prakash Man Singh has said that leadership will not be handed over to those who are unable to work even when given the opportunity. At a program organized by Nepali Congress Pokhara Metropolitan City Ward No. 4 and exchanged greetings, Singh said that the demand of the people has changed the leadership and only change of leadership will strengthen the party.

He said that the Congress could not get a referendum even after promulgating the constitution which the communists could not promulgate due to the leadership. Stating that the Communists got a chance when the Congress was weakened after the election and attacked the constitution, he said that the Congress should be strong to institutionalize its achievements. He said that a change of leadership was needed to strengthen the Nepali Congress. “Sher Bahadur Deuba has no personal grievances. But the people’s demand is for a change of leadership. Only a change of leadership strengthens the party. He added, “Leadership will not be handed over to those who cannot work even when given the opportunity.”

He also said that the party should be strengthened from the grassroots level in the 14th general convention. Addressing a program in Pokhara on Tuesday, Singh said the party should be strengthened from the grassroots to the leadership level after the 14th general convention. Leader Singh claimed that he made Kathmandu the best district in the country when he was the district chairman. He says he believes in working when given the opportunity.

“It simply came to our notice then. We need capacity to run the party. ‘ He said, “I have come to the present stage from ordinary party workers. I have enough experience to run the party.” He also said that the cadres within the Democratic Party had complained of injustice and added that everyone within the party should be respected. He said that the party should move ahead in a law-abiding manner, adding that he has always been raising voice within the party for the rule of law and procedure.

He said that he would run for the post of president to establish the Nepali Congress as an effective party for the immediate solution of people’s issues and protection of democracy. He said that the party should be institutionalized and run in a consistent manner.

He said that his sole objective was to facilitate the livelihood of the general Nepali people in the coming days. “While a country with 20 times more population than us is developing, why don’t we? Politics is not an area of ​​service. We have to give up greed. We have to fight for the benefit of the society and the country. There is no question that the party should not be run properly. Leader Singh has said.
He said that the country should go to the people with a development plan. He opined that it was sad to have to import everything in an agricultural country. He said that the Congress should solve such problems.


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