Nepse index rises via 70 p.c, marketplace capitalization rises above 3.7 trillion

Nepse index rises by 70 percent, market capitalization rises above 3.7 trillion

November 20, 2078 17:26 VikasNews

Kathmandu. In the first three months of the current fiscal year, the Nepse index has reached 2657.0 points. Which is 1094.5 points or 70 percent more than the same period last year. The index was at 1562.5 points in mid-October 2012.

According to the three-month data released by Nepal Rastra Bank, the stock market capitalization has reached Rs. That is Rs 1.637 trillion more than last year. The market capitalization was Rs. 2082.58 billion in mid-October 2012/13.

Similarly, the number of companies listed in Nepse has reached 222 last September. The listed companies include 145 banks and financial institutions and insurance companies, while 41 hydropower companies, 19 manufacturing and processing industries, 5 hotels, 5 investment companies, 4 business entities and 3 other groups. The number of listed companies was 209 in September 2012.

Of the listed companies, the market capitalization of banks and financial institutions and insurance companies is 70.7 percent. Hydropower companies accounted for 8.6 per cent, investment companies 7.1 per cent, manufacturing and processing industries 4.1 per cent, hotels 1.4 per cent, business entities 0.5 per cent and other group companies 7.6 per cent. Is

The paid up value of 5.91 billion shares listed in Nepse as of September 30, 2010 is Rs. 581.26 billion. By the third month of FY 2078/79, debentures worth Rs. 33.03 billion, ordinary shares worth Rs. 3.56 billion, mutual funds worth Rs. 2.5 billion, bonus shares worth Rs. Additional securities worth Rs. 41.60 billion have been listed.

During the review period, the Securities and Exchange Board of Nepal (SEB) has given permission for public issue of securities worth Rs.


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