Now tax on private source of revenue: how a lot to earn and what kind of to pay?

Kathmandu: The government has fixed the tax rate applicable for natural persons for the current fiscal year (2078/089). It is mentioned in the tax rate fixed by the Inland Revenue Department under the Ministry of Finance that one percent tax will be levied on the taxable income of up to four and a half million individuals and up to four and a half million taxable income. This is four thousand to four thousand five hundred taxes.

Similarly, it is mentioned that the rate of four thousand and ten percent will be applied to the individual from four to five lakhs. It is mentioned that if the couple has taxable income of four and a half to five and a half lakhs, four thousand five hundred and ten percent tax will be levied.

It is mentioned that if there is taxable income of five to seven lakhs in personal rights, tax will be levied at the rate of 14 thousand and 20 percent. In the case of couples, the rate of 15,500 and 20 percent will be applicable from five and a half to seven and a half lakhs.

It will be applicable at the rate of Rs. The couple will be taxed at the rate of 54,500 and 30 percent on income between Rs 7.5 million and Rs 2 million.

Income taxable income of more than Rs 2 million will be applicable at the rate of 444,000 and 36 percent, according to the Inland Revenue Office. The rate of 444,500 and 36 percent will also be applied to the couple.


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