On account of Corona, 140,000 youngsters in the US are with out oldsters

November 30: More than 140,000 children in the United States become parentless due to the coronavirus epidemic. The report, prepared by Business Insider, states that the epidemic has had a long-term effect on children’s lives.

According to the report, one out of every 500 people in the country is without a parent. According to the authorities, the children have been suffering from psychological and financial problems since they lost their parents.

Most of the children who have lost their parents are from minority and small communities. The United States is one of the countries most affected by the coronavirus epidemic. The United States has one of the highest rates of coronary artery disease, infectious and still infectious diseases.

Coronavirus has killed more than 764,000 people in the United States so far, officials say.Xinhua / Photo: Agency


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