Over Rs 1.16 billion in Biratnagar city

October 30, Biratnagar. In Biratnagar Metropolitan City, Beruju has reached Rs 1.16 billion.

By the Fiscal Year 2076-07, the balance of the metropolis has reached Rs. 1 billion 166.79 million. Even in the last financial year, the unpaid amount is yet to increase.

At the annual review conference, Sanjiv Kumar Bhattarai, Chief of the Financial Administration Division, informed that the balance has reached Rs 1.16 billion.

According to the statistics of the metropolis, the side of the metropolis is 664.33 million. The integrated urban environment improvement project of the middle city has 502.48 million rupees. The unpaid amount is about 4 percent of the total.

In the fiscal year 2074-75, the unpaid amount in the corporation was 618.95 million. In the Fiscal Year 2075-076, it increased to 714.44 million.

According to the report of the metropolis, the unaccounted amount seems to be increasing annually. According to Branch Chief Bhattarai, the unaccounted amount for the Fiscal Year 2077-078 BS will come by November.

After the increase in Beruju, the corporation has formed a task force led by Arjun Thapaliya for Beruju Farchaut.

Half the revenue from the target

Last fiscal year, only less than half of the corporation’s internal revenue target was collected.

In the fiscal year 2077-078, the corporation had set a target of collecting revenue of Rs. 955.55 million. But only Rs. 405.79 million was collected.

The metropolis has 551 employees. Expenditure on salaries alone is around Rs. 549.6 million annually.

According to Rajendra Pradhan, the then head of the revenue management division, Corona had an impact on the revenue collection of the metropolis as per the target.

The corporation had presented a budget of Rs. 4.10 billion for the fiscal year 2078-79.


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