Phrase flu unfold throughout Europe and Asia

Seoul, October 30 Lately, word flu has appeared in Europe and Asia. The World Health Organization (WHO) has recently reported word flu in most countries in Asia and Europe.

The worst affected country is South Korea. A total of 770,000 chickens have been destroyed in South Korea due to the H5N1 virus. Flu epidemics have also been reported in northeastern Japan. World flu has been reported in Japan for the first time since the winter of 2021.

Similarly, a new variant of the H5N1 flu virus has been found in 7,000 birds in Norway. The Belgian government has instructed to keep chickens indoors after a high variant of the word flu appeared in wild ducks. Similarly, various steps have been taken in France and the Netherlands to control the flu.

World flu has also been reported in India and some parts of the Middle East. The H10N3 virus, a new variant of the word flu, was first reported in China in June. There have been 21 cases of H5N6 avian influenza in China.Photo: Agency


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