Replace: Sure circuit within the proportion value of four corporations together with NB Financial institution and Higher

Update: Positive circuit in the share price of 4 companies including NB Bank and Upper

November 20, 2078 13:45 VikasNews

Kathmandu. Shares of four companies have seen a positive circuit in the first two hours of trading on Tuesday. Shares of Nepal Bangladesh (NB) Bank, Bowlers Nepal (Terai), Upper Tamakoshi Hydropower and Tehrathum Power Company rose 10 percent in the positive circuit till 1 pm.

NB Bank’s share price has risen 10 percent to Rs 358 per share. Which is Rs. 32.60 more than the previous day. Similarly, Bottlers Nepal has increased by 10 percent or Rs 1300 to Rs 14,308.

Upper has risen 10 percent to Rs 641 per capita. Which is Rs. 53.30 more than on Monday.

Similarly, shares of Tehrathum Power, which had a daily positive circuit, are still in circulation today. The company’s share price has risen by Rs 48.30 to Rs 531.60 per share as compared to Monday. Which is higher by 9.99 percent.

By the time this news is ready, the Nepse index has increased by 43.10 points and reached 2758.45 points. Which is 1.59 percent more than on Monday.
Shares worth Rs 2.66 billion have been traded so far. Out of which, the turnover of three companies has been more than Rs 100 million. The highest turnover of Rs 183.2 million was recorded in National Hydropower Company.

Similarly, shares of Nepal Life Insurance worth Rs 110 million and Lumbini Development Bank worth Rs 100 million have been traded.
All the groups that have come into business during this period have risen and looked green.


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