Saying ‘My Dance Cup’ and ‘My Voice Cup’, the winner will obtain a Toyota automotive and 10 heaps of gold

Kathmandu: Two reality shows ‘My Voice Cup USA USA-2’ and ‘My Dance Cup USA-4’ have been announced targeting Nepali speakers in the US and Canada. The announcement of the two reality shows was made at a press conference held in Kathmandu on Tuesday, said Dilli Adhikari, president of Intra National Welfare and Support Foundation of America. According to him, preparations are being made to start the show from January.

Singer Pramed Kharel has been nominated as the judge for My Voice Cup USA USA-2. The judges of My Dance Cup USA-4 are Dilip Rayamajhi, Shankar VC, Narman Rai and Keki Adhikari.
Actress Keki Adhikari informed that these two reality shows, which are being organized with the objective of giving opportunities to the talents, will be auditioned in different cities of America. He says that about 20 new talents selected from Addison will be able to participate in this reality show. The winner of ‘My Dance Cup’ and ‘My Voice Cup’ will receive a Toyota car and 10 tons of gold.

Similarly, the second place winner will get an attractive gift along with the Golden Cup while the third place winner will get a Silver Cup and attractive gifts, said actress Reema Vishwakarma, one of the organizing members. The ‘My Dance Cup’ and ‘My Voice Cup’ are being organized by Delhi Adhikari, the operator of ‘International Home Care’. Actress Keki says that this reality show is an open platform for those who are interested in dance and singing.

She is leaving for the United States on Thursday evening to attend the opening ceremonies of ‘My Dance Cup’ and ‘My Voice Cup’. She was also a judge in the second and third seasons of ‘My Dance Cup’. The grand finale of both reality shows will take place in August

The inaugural program of ‘Mero Dance Cup’ and ‘Mero Voice Cup’ will be attended by famous people of Nepali film and music sector. More than 30 film and music personalities including Sandeep Chhetri, Babu Bogati, Dilip Rayamajhi, Sushil Chhetri, Saranga Shrestha, Melina Manandhar, Arunima Lamsal, Shiva Pariyar and Anju Pantal were present on the occasion.

Actress Keki is scheduled to leave for the US on Thursday to attend the opening ceremonies of ‘My Dance Cup’ and ‘My Voice Cup’, but singer Pramod Kharel will return to the US shortly. Singer Kharel said that it is very good to have such programs in foreign lands.

The official, who has been protecting and promoting Nepali language and culture, said that the reality show was an attempt to bring awareness of Nepali language and culture among Nepali speakers in the United States and Canada.

The organizing body, which has been active in social service, has been providing Rs 5,000 monthly allowance to the senior Bhutanese refugees in Nepal, said Chairman Adhikari.

He said that the organization, which has been providing food and clothing to the refugees in the refugee camps, has been active in the promotion of Nepal’s original culture, language, art and music.


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