Saying the general public vacation on November 20, the reason being distinctive

A municipality has made a unique decision after the inauguration of a health institution of Maoist center chairman Prachanda Mahottari. After Prachanda’s arrival, Ramgopalpur Municipality of Mahottari has given two days public leave.

Mayor Ashok Kumar Mandal has announced a public holiday on November 22 to welcome Prachanda. According to the Mandal, under Prachanda Municipality, Ward no. Basic health centers of 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8 and 9 are coming for inauguration.

That is why the Behora Information Board, which will hold a public holiday on November 20, has published its own signature. He also urged the locals to participate in the upcoming program as it is a public holiday.

The municipality has scheduled a formal program at the premises of Ramgopalpur Primary Health Center to welcome Prachanda.

Ban on panel candidature in UCPN (M) general convention, operation of election office from Wednesday

The CPN-Maoist is going to stop the registration of candidates by forming groups in the upcoming general convention. The UCPN (M) has decided to stop the registration of candidates by forming a group in the general convention to be held on December 28-19.

The UCPN (M), which was involved in the General Convention, has learned from the UML and barred the group candidature. UML has already made an arrangement in the legislature to form a panel and give candidature.

Meanwhile, the office of the election committee formed by the Maoists for the general convention will be operational from Wednesday.

Chief of the Election Commission, Bishnu Pukar Shrestha, informed that the UCPN-M has started the general convention process so that around seven lakh cadres will be given responsibility.

The Election Commission has formed a seven-member election committee in the states, five in the municipalities and three in the wards. The 299-member central leadership will be selected.


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