Scientists have came upon the inner most earthquake ever on Earth

October 30, Kathmandu. Scientists have so far discovered the deepest earthquake on Earth. The epicenter was reported at a depth of 751 kilometers below the earth’s surface.

Not only is this the deepest earthquake ever, but scientists have never imagined that an earthquake would occur at such a depth. The quake affected the lower mantle of the earth. According to scientists, these types of earthquakes occur only in very rare cases.

In 2015, a magnitude 7.9 earthquake shook the island of Bonin in Japan at a depth of 751 km. The quake’s epicenter was reported at a depth of 670 kilometers.

According to geologists, this may be due to the excessive pressure created by the sudden emission of energy.

According to Pamela Burnley, a professor of geometrics at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas, minerals do not always behave as we would expect. According to Professor Pamela, the discovery of the depths of the Earth’s depths is beyond our comprehension due to this earthquake.

At what depth does an earthquake occur?

According to John Wiedel, a seismologist at the University of Southern California, the depth of the quake is yet to be determined, but the latest quake has taken scientists by surprise.

In general, all earthquakes occur at shallow depths, that is, within the earth’s outermost crust and the outer mantle, within a depth of 100 kilometers.

The thickness of the crust part of the earth is 5 kilometers to 70 kilometers and the average depth is about 20 kilometers, where the rocks are cold and hard. As the pressure builds up on the rock, it bends slightly before erupting.

Under high pressure, rocks begin to heat up, causing energy to escape from the rock before it breaks. But at deeper rocks, the higher the pressure, the less likely it is to break.

An earthquake occurs when a high pressure pushes a liquid into a hole in a rock. In the process, the fluid in the middle of the rock may come out and the rock may break.

However, this type of earthquake is likely to occur only up to a depth of 400 kilometers, which is only up to the outer mantle area. Although earthquakes have been seen in the depths of the inner mantle before, earthquakes below 700 kilometers are considered unusual. Because the depth of the inner mantle is considered to be 660 kilometers on average. With the help of the agency


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