Son who went out of the country together with his favourite lady misplaced touch: Father didn’t go back house until dying – Mom crying looking for son (Watch Video)

Kathmandu. The young son has been missing for over a year. The father also died six months ago due to his son’s pain. It seems that a photo of the missing youth has been uploaded from an ID named Maya Lama but he does not come home or call. My mother says that even if we got married there, we would have been told. It doesn’t matter if we don’t like it or not, but if we don’t look at you once, it is possible, but why did we lose contact like this, my mother said crying.

A young man from Shivasatasi in Jhapa has gone missing. He has been missing for over a year. Mother Parvati Thapa is now crying and searching for her son. His parents lived in India. He raised his son in India. My son started telling me to go abroad now. He sent me abroad with a loan. He had come home from abroad once or twice. But his son, who had gone to Kathmandu to go abroad again a year ago, lost contact with him.

She said that her son had married a young woman and then lost contact with her. After marriage, family members are blocked on social media. Tick ​​tock and see photos on Facebook but do not get in touch with the family. “We told them to get married if they have a girl they like. We had a breakup with the previous girl. We were told not to get married for a few years now,” said the mother. He had told that he fell in love with his sister while living abroad. Didi also said that she had asked him to marry her if she was in love with him.


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