Stocks of 9 firms traded at circuit stage, up 69 issues

Shares of 9 companies traded at circuit level, up 69 points

November 20, 2078 15:34 VikasNews

Kathmandu. Tuesday’s stock market has risen to a higher level. The NEPSE index, which has been rising since the start of trading, has risen by 69.22 points to 2784.58 points. Which is 2.55 percent more than the previous day.

Share trading has also increased along with the market indicators. Shares worth Rs 4.73 billion were traded in the market on Monday, while shares worth Rs 5.52 billion were traded today. Mahalakshmi Development Bank has the highest turnover.

Shares of nine companies traded at positive circuit levels on Tuesday. Similarly, all the groups that have come into the business are looking green.

Which circuit?


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