Studying isn’t restricted via age, 104-year-old introduced very good marks

Agency: There is no age limit for getting education. Anyone can study at any time. And, a successful example of this is an old woman from India. Kuttiama, a 104-year-old from Kerala, has scored excellent marks in the state’s recent literacy test. She scored 89 out of 100 integers.

Kerala Education Minister V Shivanakutte wrote on Twitter, “104-year-old Kuttiama has scored 89 out of 100 marks in the Kerala State Literacy Campaign exam. “I am happy with the progress of the old woman,” he said.

The Minister of Education has congratulated the old lady for bringing excellent results in the examination. “I would like to extend my best wishes to Kuttiama and other new learners with high love and respect.” The education minister has even posted a picture of Kuttimaya laughing.

The examinations were recently conducted under the Continuing Education Scheme introduced by the Government of Kerala. Kuttimaya did not go to school until she participated in the education scheme. He did not know how to read and write until he participated in the literacy campaign.


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