The daddy held his daughter in his fingers and stored her from the twist of fate, however he didn’t continue to exist

Kathmandu. An 11-year-old girl survived the crash. This amazing event happened in the United States on Saturday. There were five people on board a small ship, including the pilot, in which all but one girl died. They are lucky girls. He was saved by his father but he left the world.

The only thing Leni remembers about the incident is that her father hugged her during the accident. The plane crashed on Saturday while landing at an airport on Beaver Island. The cause of the accident has not been identified yet.

Lenny, an 11-year-old resident of Gelard, was rescued by rescuers. Her father, who was traveling with her on the ship, died in the accident. According to CNN, the injured Leni has no recollection of the shipwreck.

The only thing he remembers in his mind is the same thing (when the ship started to capsize, his father hugged him. His body tried to cover him as much as possible.

Mike’s wife, who lost her husband in the accident, issued a statement the day after the incident informing her of her daughter’s condition. That’s the only thing my daughter remembers. She remembers her father beating her and protecting her. My husband’s demise has made me sad. She has mentioned in the release.

The Pardu couple has four children. The other two people killed in the shipwreck were Kate Liz and Adam Kendall. The couple was on their way to the doctor’s office with their two dogs. The dog also died in the accident. The identity of the pilot has not been disclosed.


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