The ingenious paintings achieved by means of the protesters of the revolution

Dang: Netra Bikram Chand (Biplava) -led CPN (Maoist) cadres have adopted a different and new style in Dang during the strike on Tuesday against the price hike of petroleum products.

Protesters on the streets are busy cleaning the streets and managing traffic signs. The protesters themselves have done everything from cleaning the streets to constructing zebra crossings and painting. Hemant Prakash Wali said that this was done to reduce the perception that political activists are only anarchists and to show that protests can be staged in the society through constructive work.

“We have tried to get all our friends to do something new and creative,” he said. He said that they believe that if they do this during the bandh, it will be better than the regular situation and even the paint done when the road is empty will be long lasting. See picture below


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