The mysterious demise of a girl at the day of her divorce from her 2nd husband, who did she talk over with at 9 pm (Watch the video)

Kathmandu. The husband and wife had divorced in court a day earlier. But the woman died the day after the divorce. She was found hanging. After the woman died on the day of the divorce, the locals have demanded an investigation into her ex-husband. A woman who got married 14 years ago was forcibly married by another man from the same village. She got married to her second husband after 7 years.

According to the locals, the married woman was forced to marry him when and where. The day before the incident, a woman was also with him. At that time, the woman was busy on her mobile phone. When a friend asked her who she was talking to on her mobile messenger, she said no one. They left at 8 pm. But she guessed that she had talked to her husband.

A friend had reminded her not to talk to her husband and not to go to see him as the divorce was final. But she did not tell him who she was talking to, thinking that she would not let him go to see her. But at 9 o’clock in the night, she went to see her husband. The woman was found dead the next day. According to a friend, the woman herself may not have made such a decision as the incident was mysterious and there was a clash between the two on the spot.


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