The unhappy information got here one morning: my very own brother killed my brother, how did the incident occur?

A brother has killed his brother in Chapgari of Ilam’s Sandakpur Gaonpalika-1. According to Ganga Bahadur Thapa, Deputy Superintendent of Police, District Police Office, Ilam. The incident took place at 6:45 pm on Saturday.

Police claim that the brother stabbed his brother while he was arguing at the house of his uncle Man Bahadur Mukhiya. Police have arrested Chakra along with Chakku on the charge of assaulting him and killing his brother. Photo file

This too, the village municipality is locked by the employees after not receiving the salary
The Sarkegard village in the central part of Humla has been locked since Sunday. Facilitators of the Child Development Center and school staff have locked up the municipality saying that the increased salary has not been paid.

Rupshi Chhatyal, facilitator of Pragati Primary School, said that the lock-up was started on Sunday evening as it was not seen as serious for the salary increase of the staff and staff of the village development. Saying that the Sarkegad municipality has not paid the increased salary, Chhatyal said that all the facilitators and school staff had to lock the school together.

Hans Bahadur Chhatyal, Child Development Facilitator at Dudhkand Primary School, Rodikot, said that they have to take drastic steps as most of the village municipalities in the district have made arrangements for child development facilitators and school staffs from internal sources.

There are 32 schools in Sarkegard village municipality. It has four secondary schools and 28 primary and basic schools. Child development classes have been conducted in all the basic and primary schools. Thirty-two school staff and 60 people including child development have agitated.


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