This tragic incident came about on a bus coming from Chitwan to Kathmandu all through Nepal Bandh

Kul Prasad Kafle / Chitwan: Saroj Adhikari of Ratnanagar Tandi had to go to Kathmandu on Monday after the death of his relative in Kathmandu. However, as the Maoists led by Netra Bikram Chand ‘Biplava’ called for a Nepal Bandh for Tuesday, very few vehicles were found to be going to Kathmandu. After reaching Narayangarh Pulchowk, he boarded a vehicle bound for Butwal on Monday evening hoping to find more vehicles.

Even in Pulchowk, he thought, as if the car to Kathmandu had not arrived. He was sitting in a huddle when the vehicle did not arrive even after waiting for the vehicle till 8 pm. At the same time, a person came and said that a taxi was ready to go to Kathmandu. He took a taxi. There were other passengers in the taxi. The taxi driver said that it would cost one thousand rupees.

He was stranded on the way and agreed to pay a fare of one thousand rupees. However, the taxi driver did the mapping. After reaching Alli, he got out of the taxi and reached Pulchowk again.

‘I came here because my relatives had to leave. It is closed on Tuesday. The car could not be found, ‘he complained. The driver then washed the alcohol. When I reached there, I fell down. ‘

After waiting for about half an hour, the bus number Ga 1 Kha 9112 arrived. There was a crowd waiting to reach Pulchowk to go to Kathmandu. When the vehicle said to go to ‘Kathmandu..Kathmandu’, the passenger ran after the vehicle. The owner of the vehicle said that the fare would be Rs. 800.

Some passengers like Saroj, who could not reach Kathmandu on Tuesday, went and sat in the car seat even though the fare was eight hundred rupees. The actual bus fare from Narayangarh to Kathmandu is Rs. Some passengers who thought the fare was expensive said, ‘Why is it so expensive?’ Asked the co-driver.

Dinesh Regmi of Bharatpur Metropolitan City-9, who was going to Kathmandu for pre-training to go for foreign employment, said that he was closed on Tuesday. Asked. The co-driver said that even if the actual fare in Kathmandu is 500 rupees, the passengers will have to pay 800 rupees anyway.

‘Tomorrow is closed. Must go People who have to go to the office have to go more. Even if Nepal is closed, the office has to be reached, ‘he said,’ not in five hundred. Closed tomorrow. The rent is eight hundred. ‘ Regmi complained that the driver did not pay the rent even though he asked for Rs. 500.

‘No car. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. That’s why I came back the next day, ‘said Regmi. Before that, he had found a micro going to Kathmandu. He said that he did not ride the bus as he was told to pay Rs.

He also informed the police after the car was said to be expensive. A policeman stationed at Pulchowk got into the vehicle and demanded to know if there were any complaints about the high fare. Passengers in a spiritual state sat quietly.

Many passengers have suffered due to the bandh of the rebel Maoists. This closed transport operator, on the other hand, has a chance. Whether it is a festival or any other emergency. Transport operators rob passengers until they are robbed.


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