Trained Early life Self-Employment Mortgage: Now not a unmarried particular person in Gandaki took a mortgage

October 30, Kathmandu. It has been made public that not a single person in Gandaki has taken self-employment loan for youth self-employment. The study report has shown that there is not a single person in the state who has taken loans under three headings, including the provision of concessional rates by the government.

NRB has recently prepared a new report focusing on Gandaki. According to a report prepared by the central bank, a loan of Rs 25.88 billion has been disbursed in Gandaki till mid-July.

Out of the total credit, commercial agriculture and livestock credit accounted for 52.6 percent and women entrepreneurial credit accounted for 46.7 percent. By mid-July 2078, the number of borrowers in Gandaki has reached 18,371. This seems to have directly benefited the commercial agriculture and animal husbandry sector and women entrepreneurs / entrepreneurs.

However, the study report has shown that not a single person has so far paid for the operation of three garment industries, training from a recognized body by the Technical and Vocational Training Council and youth self-employment loan.

Concessional loan scheme is a very popular program brought by the government. The government had implemented the Unified Procedure on Interest Subsidy for Concessional Loans, 2075, to provide concessional loans under 10 different headings. It has been amended for the third time to make it a little easier. However, the number of concessional borrowers is very low.

According to the report, a total of 15 people have availed loans up to Rs 2.5 million on the security of their educational certificates. It is mentioned in the budget of the current fiscal year.


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