US indignant over Russia’s missile verify in house

Agency, October 30. Russia has tested a missile in space. It test-fired a missile on Monday on one of its own satellites in space. The satellite was destroyed during the test.

More than 1,500 large fragments came out of the satellite, which was destroyed by a missile test. Thousands of small pieces are also mentioned.

By testing missiles in space, Russia has signaled that it is advancing in the race for modern weapons. It has even tested a missile capable of orbiting a certain star by circling the earth.

The United States has also condemned Russia’s missile tests in space. He condemned the test as “deadly” in the presence of satellites of various countries and the International Space Station.

There are currently four American, two Russian and one German astronaut in the International Space Station. The United States has said the missile was tested in a way that could damage the center, which is 420 kilometers above space.


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