‘We agree that the Leader Justice will have to renounce’

October 30, Kathmandu. Five judges of the Supreme Court, who were separated from the discussion of other judges, sat in the bench on Tuesday. But they have only heard cases of a nature that do not require the direct assistance of legal practitioners.

A joint bench of Justices Bam Kumar Shrestha and Manoj Kumar Sharma has given the final order in the cases related to vehicle death, maintenance of Mohi and transfer of Mohi name. A bench of Justices Tej Bahadur KC and Kumar Regmi has given final order on the issue of registration, forgery and return of appeal.

The bench comprising another judge Kumar Chudal, who had announced that he would not sit in discussion with the disgruntled judge, did not look into any issue other than habeas corpus. Chief Justice Jabra had fixed his bench with Prakash Kumar Dhungana. Dhungana did not sit in the court on any issue other than habeas corpus.

According to sources, the five judges are not in favor of provoking the legal practitioners by holding hearings other than habeas corpus and general cases. One of the five judges said, “We are not just involved in other husbands’ discussions. Except for habeas corpus and other petitions, no thought has been given to it. We will still discuss in a few days. ‘

Bar caution

The agitating legal practitioners, who had a discussion with the disgruntled judge on Monday, have continued the discussion on Tuesday as well. In the process, they have warned Chief Justice Cholendra Shamsher Jabra not to move forward in a way that would weaken their main demand for his resignation.

“It is no longer possible for Chief Justice Cholendra Shamsher Jabra to lead the judiciary. We have agitated for his departure. We urge other husbands to support our basic demand for his resignation, “said Purnaman Shakya, president of the Supreme Court Bar Association. We have said it clearly. ‘

Secretary of the Supreme Court Bar Association Rishi Ram Ghimire also warned the judges not to sit in the bench appointed by the Chief Justice. “Our view is that the demand has not been weakened by the presence of Chief Justice Jabra and his sitting,” he said.

We agree that he should resign

There were 13 Supreme Court judges, including Anil Kumar Sinha and Sapna Malla Pradhan, in discussions with officials from the Nepal Bar and the Supreme Court Bar Association. Where all of them have replied that they have not deviated from the preconceptions.

According to an official of the Nepal Bar, the judges have said that they are in agreement that Chief Justice Jabra should resign. At the same time, Jabra has maintained his stance of not sitting in the joint sitting.

“We asked them, ‘Why didn’t all the judges come?'” Said Raksha Basyal, vice-president of the Bar Association. You may not understand that they have left us and gone to sit differently. ‘

However, he said that the hearing of the people’s case was being held for a long time. He also said that a full court has to be convened to implement the round and the Chief Justice is needed for that.

“Before you, we have concluded that it is not possible for the judiciary to move forward with the current leadership. We do not deviate from that notion, “the barrister was quoted as saying.

According to Supreme Court Secretary Ghimire, the legal practitioners are preparing to hold discussions with the five judges who withdrew from the discussion on Wednesday.


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