What a tragedy! Husband, youngsters getting back from spouse’s funeral, youngsters killed in street twist of fate

Six members of a family have been killed in a road accident in Lakhisarai, Bihar, India. Four people have been seriously injured in the accident. According to Indian media, all of them were involved in a funeral when the truck collided head-on with a truck while returning to Sumo.

According to a source, six people who lost their lives in the accident are relatives of the late Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput. There were 10 riders in the sumo. According to information, 10 members of the same family, including the driver, were returning to the village in Sumo Gold after attending the cremation of Laljit Singh’s wife Geeta Devi.

On the way, the sumo collided with a truck full of cooking gas. Geeta Devi’s husband Laljit Singh, eldest son Amit Shekhar alias Nemani Singh, youngest son Ram Chandra Singh, daughter Bevi Devi, niece Anita Devi and driver Pritam Kumar died on the spot.


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