What’s within the remark of the 9 constitutional our bodies that spoke in regards to the stalemate of the courtroom?

Kathmandu, 30 October. Nine constitutional bodies have jointly appealed to end the long-running stalemate in the court. The agitation and sit-in that the Nepal Bar Association has been demanding the resignation of Chief Justice Cholendra Shamsher Jabra for several years has reached the district court through the Supreme Court. Judges of the Supreme Court are not sitting in the bench. However, while the government has remained silent on the issue, nine constitutional bodies have appealed to the court to end the impasse.

The National Human Rights Commission, National Women’s Commission, National Dalit Commission, National Inclusive Commission, Adivasi Janajati Commission, Madhesi Commission, Tharu Commission, Muslim Commission and National Women’s Commission have appealed to end the stalemate in the court through talks and dialogue.

A statement issued on behalf of the chairpersons and members of the nine commissions said, We humbly request all parties concerned to ensure that the solution to every problem is possible in accordance with the constitution and law, and to ensure the right of citizens to receive justice in a timely manner by creating an environment for regular hearing of cases through dialogue and dialogue.

Such is the release

Officials of the Constitutional Commission have drawn attention to the fact that the Supreme Court has not been able to hear regular cases including habeas corpus for the past two weeks and this has hampered the exercise of the right of the people to get speedy justice. It is unfortunate that there is a rift between the bar and the bench as effective justice can be done only through the cooperation, co-existence and coordination of the bar and the bench. The current judicial scenario of the country has hampered the constitution, constitutionalism, rule of law, human rights of citizens and enjoyment of fundamental rights. This type of obstacle cannot be considered good from anywhere.

In court, the chief justice and the judges are equally responsible for administering justice. The court consists of the Chief Justice, the judges, the staff of the court and the bar. When such disputes or problems arise in the courts, the Constitution and democracy will be challenged. In this dire situation, it is in the national interest for all the stakeholders to be flexible in their stance and move away from the disputes created due to their disagreement for the sake of justice and the welfare of the people.

Therefore, in order to root out the current stalemate in the country’s highest body of justice, to be serious in resolving such long-term disputes, to realize that such disputes could threaten not only the constitution but also democracy. We humbly request all parties concerned to take this to heart and ensure the right of citizens to receive justice in a timely manner by ending the stalemate through dialogue and dialogue and creating an environment for regular hearing of cases.

On behalf of the commissions

Tap Bahadur Magar, Chairman, National Human Rights Commission
Kamala Parajuli, Chairperson, National Commission for Women
Devraj Vishwakarma, Chairman, National Dalit Commission
Dr. Ramkrishna Timalsina, Chairman, National Inclusive Commission
Ram Bahadur Thapa Magar, Chairman, Tribal Commission
Dr. Vijay Dutt, Chairman, Madhesi Commission
Vishnu Prasad Chaudhary, Chairman, Tharu Commission
Samim Mian Ansari Chairman, Muslim Commission
Dr. Surya Prasad Sharma Dhungel, Member, National Human Rights Commission
Mihir Thakur, Member, National Human Rights Commission
Manoj Duwadi, Member, National Human Rights Commission
Lily Thapa, Member, National Human Rights Commission
Krishna Kumari Poudel Khatiwada, Member, National Commission for Women
Vidyakumari Sinha, Member, National Commission for Women
Jaya Ghimire, Member, National Commission for Women
Savitra Kumari Sharma, Member, National Commission for Women
Meenadevi Sov, Member, National Dalit Commission
Tunje Kami (Baraili), Member, National Dalit Commission
Mehal Parki, Member, National Dalit Commission
Sundar Purkuti, Member, National Dalit Commission
Vishnumaya Ojha, Member, National Inclusive Commission
Haridatta Joshi, Member, National Inclusive Commission
Pushparaj Timilsina, Member, National Inclusive Commission
Man Prasad Khatri, Member, National Inclusive Commission
Dr. Min Bahadur Shrees, Member, Tribal Tribes Commission
Reena Rana, Member, Tribal Tribes Commission
Sharan Rai, Member, Tribal Commission
Surya Bahadur Gurung, Member, Adivasi Janajati Commission
Jivach Sah, Member, Madhesi Commission
Vijay Kumar Gupta, Member, Madhesi Commission
Renu Devi Sah, Member, Madhesi Commission
Abha Kumari Singh, Member, Madhesi Commission
Subodh Singh Tharu, Member, Tharu Commission
Bholaram Chaudhary, Member, Tharu Commission
Dr. Umashankar Prasad Chaudhary, Member, Tharu Commission
Shanti Modi, Member, Tharu Commission
Mahmudin Ali, Member, Muslim Commission
Mirza Arshad Beg, Member, Muslim Commission
Mohammad Samsul Haq, Member, Muslim Commission



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