Youngster’s remark: I disobeyed her.

In August, the Taliban, which toppled the old government and formed a new government, called for equal rights for men and women. Although the Taliban has said it will provide rights and additional protection to women, it has become a “story of the eleventh century.” Instead, women have been subjected to a series of barbaric and violent acts since Ta Livan came to power.

Girls are barred from going to school. When the Taliban overthrew the government, female employees were still unable to return to work. Women’s participation in government is zero. There is no coordination in their speech and behavior.

In a recent incident, an Afghan teenager was stabbed to death by a Taliban commander. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack. In a video posted on social media, Niladam and Cho ‘T can be seen on the body of the teenager. The incident took place in Herat province.

In a video shared on Twitter, the teenager is seen screaming after being beaten by the commander. The teenager’s feet, legs and other parts of the body have been affected. However, Ta’liwan has denied all of these allegations. The Taliban have claimed that the commander was not involved in the incident.

The Home Ministry has released a teenager and a teenager on suspicion of being involved in the incident. Locals have accused Ta’liwan of trying to divert the incident.

According to locals, Ta’liban has made another video of the same nature to humiliate its commander and the subject. It is said that the teenager seen in the video made public by Ta’liwan is not a victim of ‘Stavik’.

“An investigation has been launched into a teenager accused of tax evasion in the 12th district of Kabul,” said Enamullah Samangani, a deputy spokesman for the Taliban.


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