After passing twelfth magnificence in 47 years, Karishma Manandhar says- I will be able to additionally cross MA (Video)

Kathmandu. Actress Karishma Manandhar is a metaphor for beauty. As soon as her name is mentioned, people do not stop describing her beauty. The actress went to school at the age of 40 and did another exemplary job. She showed that age could not stop her from studying. When he went to school, there was more criticism than praise. But with his family and support, such criticism did not stop him from reading.

Recently, at the age of 47, she also completed the study of ten pairs of two. His GPS did not come as expected. She also discussed with the school teachers whether it could be increased. But she was happy to know that the marks she had brought would not be an obstacle for higher level studies. Now she is preparing to graduate.

As an actress, she is equally busy with other work. In the meantime, she has taken the time to study. Karisma plans to study undergraduate and postgraduate work and work together. Many ask her, ‘What do you do for a living?’ She replies, ‘Reading is learning, learning is never done.

The purpose is to complete my formal education. ‘ She made it clear that her studies were not hers. “I was forced to work as a child, to get other education in life, but I also read to explain to them the formal education that is sorely needed.”


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