After the daddy left, the daughter were given married to her mom for the second one time

In life, the relationship between husband and wife is such that if both are tuned, that is, if there is coordination, there will be no problem. Then the new life will be spent happily. But if the tuning does not match, either life will be ruined or it will be better for both of them to take a vacation. If a person has had a bad experience once in his life, he finds love, affection, marriage all useless.

After such a house collapsed, a daughter who had raised her daughter married her mother. She shared the full story of her mother on Twitter.

He also shared a video and photo of his mother’s Mehndi ceremony. She says her mother remarried after 15 years. She was sad when she had to marry her mother as a daughter, but she was looking for a new bride for her mother so that she would not be alone in the future, which made her happy.

He also shared a picture of his mother wearing a ring on Twitter. You can see in this picture how happy mother is to see him. At the wedding, the mother gave her daughter a ring as a gift. He gave this surprise to his daughter on WhatsApp.

The girl said on Twitter that the man who married her mother, her own father, had not even paid her school fees. Mother was 17 years old at the time. The man left his mother when her daughter was just two years old. Users on Twitter highly appreciated this post. Some users have congratulated her on this special day and said that it is a commendable work to move forward leaving the toxic relationship of the past.


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