Do not omit the primary night time of the marriage, in a different way you are going to feel sorry about those 5 errors!

The wedding day is one of the most special and unforgettable moments of their lives for every couple. Well-known author Dave Mueller says, “A good marriage is not when the ‘perfect couple’ lives together; a good marriage is when the ‘imperfect couple’ learns to enjoy their differences.” Men and women have different expectations and perceptions about marriage. Anyone who is curious about their future marital life and wants a great start. Here’s how to put one together for use with your marriage plan.

Sexual Expectations: Most women are very tired on their wedding day. On this day, they may feel emotionally weak. The various activities and attire of the day are also giving them stress. Not only the bride but also the groom may be very tired. So instead of focusing on having sex on your wedding night, focus on reconnecting. Talk to each other and relax.

Stop thinking about the body: Stop paying too much attention to your body on your wedding day. You may be worried about the fitting of your bridal dress. Or the worry of looking perfect with your partner may surround you. Paying so much attention to the body will make you anxious, which can ruin your special day. Even if you are getting intimate on your wedding night, it will have a bad effect.

Keep these things in mind: There are many things that can happen on a wedding night that can ruin the atmosphere. You may have allergies. Too much pain in the head. You may have digestive problems or forget to take your regular medication. Carry a medical kit with you to deal with such an emergency. You can keep it under the supervision of a friend or relative so that you can easily find such things when needed.

Don’t give negative feedback: It has been scientifically proven that positive thoughts, words or behaviors can help strengthen your relationship with your partner. According to a survey of 470 couples, Marcel Jentner, a psychologist at the University of Geneva, has revealed that there is no special relationship between personality to keep romance intact. We should avoid talking about anything that exposes the fault of our partner, his friend or relative. Keep positive thoughts in mind and make sure you have something good to say.

Remember to create a memory: On the wedding day, photographers and relatives record your every move. All these memories you have to decorate in the form of photos and videos for the rest of your life. You can also make some special memories that will always remind you why you married your partner. These things will help you a lot in case you get into a relationship tomorrow for some reason.

1. You can plant a tree on your wedding day. This tree will hold your memory together. You can also write some wonderful messages in it. 2. Write a secret message on a piece of paper and close it in a bottle. Open this bottle after 10 years and read the message written for each other. Also write the date on the bottle to remember it. 3. You can frame your wedding invitation card and various things related to the wedding and stick it on the wall of your bedroom. You can also make a memory wall by decorating such things.


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