Govt able to amend legislation as demanded through NGO: House Minister

2 Dec, Kathmandu. Home Minister Bal Krishna Khan has instructed the subordinate bodies to provide necessary security to the NGOs immediately.

Speaking at an event organized by NGO Federation of Nepal in Kathmandu on Friday, Home Minister Khan directed the subordinate security agencies to provide necessary security to the NGOs involved in the country’s development drive.

He also clarified that the government does not want to play an interfering role in any state body. Home Minister Khanna said that the government does not want to play a controlling or interfering role in any organization related to industry or business.

Home Minister Khanna lauded the NGOs for their remarkable work in the natural calamities including the Corona Crisis, floods and landslides. He said that the government was ready to move ahead with the work of amending the law as per the demands of non-governmental organizations.

Home Minister Khanna said, “The government will play a supportive role in the context of non-governmental organizations or for other industrialists, business organizations and companies as well.” You probably don’t need that much security at work. If necessary, the district security body will provide you security. We will build the country together. The government is convinced that development is not possible with a controlled system of government. Development and prosperity of the country is possible only with the participation of the people.

Home Minister Khan said that the government would move ahead with the facilitation work as the country would develop and prosper with the wide participation of the people.


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