4 ordinances licensed amid UML MPs’ slogans

Kathmandu: The House of Representatives on Wednesday approved four ordinances while the main opposition party UML MPs were chanting slogans. Speaker Agni Prasad Sapkota urged to create conducive environment for the meeting. However, the UML MP did not stop shouting slogans.

After this, the meeting introduced by Speaker Sapkota on the agenda approved four different ordinances.

Wednesday’s meeting of Police and State Police (Operation, Supervision and Coordination) (First Amendment) Ordinance 2078, Tejab and other Injuries YMN Ordinance 2078, Social Security (First Amendment) Ordinance 2078 and Railway Ordinance 2078 have been approved by majority.

Earlier, the meeting had rejected the proposal of MP Prem Suwal to reject the four ordinances.


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