After 8 days, the lacking adolescence Chandre Kami was once discovered. The place was once he for 8 days? That is the entire tale

Kathmandu. Chandra Kami, a youth who was reported missing after inter-caste marriage, has been found eight days later. Chandra had a love marriage with Suntali Malla. He was found while Suntali’s family was allegedly taking Chandra away. A 35-member team including the district police chief was deployed to search for him.

He was carrying his mobile phone but his relatives could not find him. The District Police Office, Humla had directed its subordinate police post to expedite the search operation after the matter of disappearance of a young man after marrying an inter-caste girl reached the police. According to District Police Office, Humla, Inspector Dan Singh Bhandari, Chandre was found missing by the Kharpunath Police Post on Wednesday morning.

A police team from Kharpunath village had left Yanchu for patrolling at 7.30 am today. At 8:15 a.m., they saw a young man walking along the Karnali River. The young man was not carrying a bag. As he looked new in the village, the police’s attention was drawn to the young man. The police team was instructed to search for a new person as Chandre was missing. So the police interrogated him. Chandre said that he was the 20-year-old son of Dhananjay Kami. Police brought Yanchu to Chandra to confirm. After being brought to the police station, it was confirmed that he was Chandra.

Inspector Bhandari said that he was met by the security personnel of Kharpu police post while walking on the road. Chandre, 19, of Jair village in Sarkegad Gaonpalika-1 and Suntali Malla, 19, of Lipru village in Mugu Soru Gaonpalika-4 got inter-caste marriage on December 19.

However, the Kami family had lodged a complaint with the police alleging that both of them were called by their relatives on December 13 and then Chandre was beaten and disappeared. After this, Deputy Superintendent of Police Heramba Sharma himself reached the spot from District Police Office Humla and started searching for Chandra. Police have taken the father and the girl under control for investigation while the youth has come in contact with them.

Chandre, who came in contact with the police, has informed the police about the incident. He has given a statement that the girl’s parents took him away from home and left him. He said that they came to our house around 12:30 pm. They have come to get oranges. They even beat me. They took me away from home along with Suntali. He took me away and left me on the road. Fearing that they would do something to me again, I returned to the forest. He said that he went to the forest when he chose.

On the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of January, I stayed in the forest in the north of the village. Here I could not eat anything except water. On the 4th and 5th I reached the angry forest. It belongs to Jungle Lake. Here I found an apple tree and ate some apples to satisfy my stomach. I stayed at Sunkhada last night. At 8 o’clock in the morning, the police gave him noodle soup to eat.


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