After failing to pay the invoice, the road of the cricket stadium being constructed by way of Dhurmus Suntali used to be minimize

Chitwan: Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) Bharatpur Distribution Center has cut the lines of two big customers who have not paid their electricity bills for a long time. According to NEA, the line of Dhurmus Suntali Foundation and Mount Everest Brewery, which is constructing Gautam Buddha International Cricket Stadium in Rampur, Bharatpur Metropolitan City-15, has been cut.

Engineer Rajendra Poudel of Bharatpur Distribution Center informed that the line was cut on Wednesday after the foundation failed to pay the arrears of Rs. 887,000. He said that the foundation has not paid the arrears for more than six months.

The foundation has gone bankrupt after financial support ceased to be available. The foundation has even backtracked on the construction of the stadium. The foundation had been constructing the stadium with a capacity of 45 KVA. “Even though it is a reputable organization, it has to be done,” he said.

The line of Mount Everest Brewery, which has the highest arrears under Bharatpur Distribution Center, was also cut on Wednesday. Poudel said that the line was cut after the brewery did not pay the arrears of Rs 3.74 million for four months.

The employees of the brewery had obstructed the employees of the power plant who were trying to enter the industrial premises to cut the line. “We were chased by three guards when we tried to enter the industrial complex to cross the line,” he said.

Bharatpur Distribution Center can cut the line of a customer who does not pay electricity tariff within 60 days. The total arrears of the center are Rs. 11 million. He said that the line of two big customers who did not pay their dues was cut on Wednesday.


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