After liking the lady he knew on Fb, the Nepali guy chartered a helicopter and went to get his female friend

There was a time when helicopters were like a dream for a normal family but now times have changed. Along with the social and economic development of Nepali society, helicopters used to be seen in the behemoths of the sons of royal families, big businessmen and leaders till a few years ago are now seen in the weddings of ordinary Nepalis. Even an ordinary couple from Sarlahi has got married by chartering a helicopter.

Aroj Yadav, a 23-year-old son of Jharilal Yadav, a resident of Bhokteni in Hariwan Nagar Municipality-1, has got married by chartering a helicopter. Gudi Yadav, 21, daughter of Shyambabu Rai, a resident of Manlagwa Municipality-3, got married on Wednesday according to Hindu tradition.

The acquaintance that started from Facebook for the last two years had turned into love in a few months. After liking the profile photo on Facebook, I had requested for friendship, but the reply came only after 7, said the groom Aroj Yadav.

“I did not accept the request of a new person on Facebook for three days,” said Dulhi Goody. After seeing the boy well, he accepted the Facebook request and replied to the message after 7 days. After replying to the message, our Facebook chat started. Within a month, we became very close.

“I didn’t call her a barber after she proposed to me,” said Goody. When we fell in love, we had regular conversations and meetings. About a year and a half later, after a love affair, we decided to get married. Since the boy also belongs to his own caste, he decided to tell his parents about the love affair.

They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities. However, the groom Aroj Yadav said that in the end the parents agreed after we said that we will not marry others under any circumstances. However, Shyambabu Ray, the father of the bride, said that he agreed to get married after finding out that the boy was well-educated and had a good family.

The bride’s father-in-law Jharilal Yadav said that the girl’s family was also good and he agreed to marry her after his son liked her. Yadav said that even though Rs 2 lakh was a huge amount for an ordinary family, he chartered a helicopter after his son and daughter-in-law showed interest in boarding the helicopter. He said that his family was happy to be able to charter a helicopter for his son’s wedding and that he was pregnant.


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