An inscription from the time of King Anshu Varma was once discovered whilst digging a ditch at Patan in Lalitpur

Kathmandu. A Lichchhavi-era inscription has been found while digging a ditch in front of the Bhimsen temple in Patan Durbar area of ​​Lalitpur. A preliminary study of the inscription found last Monday found that it belonged to King Anshu Varma, said Shyam Sundar Rajbanshi, a calligrapher and former deputy secretary of the department.

The 15-line archive is now in the custody of the Department of Archeology. Inscribed in the Licchavi script and the adult Sanskrit language, the upper part of the inscription is engraved with the right-left shravaka deer and the Dharmachakra symbol in the middle.

The inscription mentions Bihar built by King Vrishadev and it is an interesting fact that has been found so far, said the scribe Rajbanshi. In the inscription, Yograngram and in the last line, the phrase 536 Jyeshtha Mase Shukla Pakshe is clearly written.

The inscription is 85 cm long and 52 cm wide. The records of 536 AD were also found in Baluwa village of Gokarna 32 years ago. By comparing these two inscriptions, many historical facts of that time can be found, said the scribe Rajbanshi.


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